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Police chief update on Boom Parties

I was part of a meeting with the Northeast Police Division Inspector along with the 15th District Captain. In summary, the Philadelphia Police are allocating more resources and staffing to stop/deter the “Boom Parties” within their areas of responsibility. It was reiterated to us that residents are encouraged to call the 15th District Operations Room – (215) 686-3150 / (215) 686-3151 – when you know the noise is coming from that district and to also please document who you spoke to and the time you called.

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Example: Spoke to Officer Smith Badge # 1234 at 2 a.m. Officer was courteous and stated he would be sending officers to that location.

If, for whatever reason, the officer answering the phone was rude or not receptive to your call, the captain advised us to request to speak to the operations supervisor and to document the same. If this occurs, please email me directly at RCalabrese@CinnaminsonPolice.org and I will forward your email directly to the captain.

Note: Captain Marques Newsome has been very receptive to my calls, texts, and emails even when we are both off-duty and plans on being more involved personally by working different shifts to observe the noise first-hand. He is new to this position, but I am grateful to have a very good working relationship with him already.

Although I cannot give you the specific details of how the additional resources are being allocated for tactical reasons, we are working together to develop a forum to disseminate to the public their accomplishments when these parties are identified and what actions were or were not taken.

Finally, please don’t forget to call your local non-emergency police department (856) 829-6666 as well so that we can document the incident properly. If you don’t feel comfortable calling the 15th District Operations Room yourself, one of our officers will gladly do it for you upon request.

Chief Richard A. Calabrese
Cinnaminson Township Police Department


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