Town Council announces zero local tax increase

Deptford Mayor and Council have again announced a “ZERO” local tax increase for the year 2023.

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Fiscal responsibility is using residents’ dollars as efficiently and wisely as possible. Being

financially responsible, balancing spending vs. income and avoiding excessive debt are all current achievements, but we also will not burden our future generation. Planning ahead is crucial. 

When creating the local budget, we have numerous considerations. Improving municipal services, infrastructure, recreation, but most of all the needs of our residents. We know the challenges of being on a fixed income. Every age group and family have varying needs and wants. 

Every one of us has been affected by inflation, gas prices, supply chain issues and associated costs. These are the reasons why we continue to strive to provide significant tax relief to our residents.

We accomplished this with actually improving municipal services in Public Safety and Public

Works, even though costs continue to increase. We are working together with our new Chief of Police to provide more patrols, new equipment and technology to protect and serve you. 

We increased spending on recreation and healthful activities. We continue our equipment purchasing plan, our building renovation plans, new restrooms at our park and library, new recreation plans, paving roads, replacing water and sewer mains and much more.

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