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Richwood UMC chicken pot pie dinner returns

Event has returned in person for first time since COVID

Courtesy of Minding My P’s with Q. Food served at the chicken pot pie dinner will be made by volunteers and proceeds from the event support the church.

The chicken pot dinner at Richwood United Methodist Church will make a comeback after a hiatus on Saturday, March 25.

Guests can choose between crusted pies, chicken and noodles or both made in house by volunteers and there will also be takeout available. Event proceeds go back to the church. 

This year’s in-house dining is a first since before the pandemic, according to the church website.

I think we did our first pot pie dinner close to 20 years ago,” said church Administrator Mildred Herman. “We haven’t done them every year and are now working with new leadership, which has been a real blessing. 

“We’re glad to have the dinner back,” she added. “We expect to sell close to 500 tickets. It’s been very popular in the past.

Advance tickets required; they can be bought until March 19. They are $17 for adults and takeouts, $8 for children 5 to 12. Children under 5 get in free. 

Guests will also need to make reservations in advance, either at the church or at the Candy Box on Lambs Road in Pitman, as well as through Dot Reuter, the point of contact for anyone who would like to volunteer for an event the church acknowledged needs “lots of help.” She can be reached at (856) 589-4365.

The chicken pot pie dinner will be held from 3 to 6 p.m. at the church’s Fellowship Hall, 111 Richwood Road. Call there at (856) 589-0874 for more information or visit the church website or Facebook page.

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