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Letter to the Editor: Kira Dacanay

Resident requests the word 'women' to be used over the word 'females.'

Dear Haddonfield Sun Editor,

I read this issue’s headline article, “50/50 club hosts ‘Through a Woman’s Eyes’ art show,”  and the line, “This year’s theme focuses on females in STEAM,” made me cringe. The use of the word female to describe women is dehumanizing. Any species can be female, but only humans can be women. The English language provides a robust vocabulary to describe the female of each species. For example, hen describes female birds, typically domesticated ones, but nevertheless is specific to birds. The line in the story referenced is an especially startling oversight given the purpose of the article and the event. Please reconsider the use of female in any article when humans are described.

Thank you and sincerely,

Kira Dacanay

Haddonfield, NJ 

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