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Clearview math league to host 2nd annual Pi-K walk/run

Event put together by school department with staff and volunteers

Courtesy of ATT Sports Inc. The Pi-K run/walk was a hit when it debuted last year, with more than 100 participants. This year’s event will be held on Clearview’s track.

Clearview Regional High School’s math league will host its second Pi-K walk/run on March 12 at the school’s track to raise money for school math scholarships and celebrate Pi Day two days later.

The Pi-K Fun Run/Walk is a community event, sponsored by the Clearview Math League,” said organizer Dawn Heil. “Participants run or walk a 3.14-kilometer course on the grounds of Clearview Regional High School in celebration of pi.

“It is meant to be a fun way to bring the community together to celebrate the beauty of mathematics,” she added. “All proceeds from this event benefit the Clearview math scholarships that are awarded to graduating seniors each year.”

The event was a big hit when it debuted last year, with more than 100 participants, according to Heil.

“I had the idea a few years ago to put together a Pi-K as a fun play on words to celebrate Pi Day, March 14,” said Heil. (Pi is an irrational number whose value is about 3.14.) “Last year, I mentioned my idea to a few students in my math league club at Clearview and they were excited about the idea and wanted to pursue it.

“This is not a serious race, but one meant more for families to spend time together,” she added. “There are prizes for the top finishers in various age categories and every participant gets a mini take-home pie for participating. Fingers crossed for decent weather, but we do have an inclement weather date the following Sunday, in case it’s needed.”

Clearview’s math department helps put the event together, with its staff and Heil as volunteers.

“I would not be able to put on such a huge event without their support,” Heil acknowledged.  “Various other teachers and their families also participate as runners/walkers. This year, I expect that Cheryl Catts, STEM department supervisor, and Sherry McAteer, director of curriculum and instruction, will both be in attendance. 

“In addition, almost every math teacher in the district will be there,” she continued. “Some other administrators may end up attending as well, but those are the ones I have confirmed.”

The Pi-K walk/run begins at noon. Online registration is $20, with a deadline of Feb. 28. A liability waiver must also be filled out in order to participate. It is then printed and turned in with payment to the main office of either Clearview Middle School or high school. Payment must be made within five days of registering. 

“Last year we had over 100 participants, plus about 20 staff volunteers to help make the event happen,” said Heil. “We are hoping to grow that number each year for the next few years and make it a true community event that everyone looks forward to each March.”

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