Deptford library’s Thursday homework hour a ‘welcoming space’

While meant for township students, sessions are outside district

The Deptford library started its Thursday homework hour earlier this month to provide students with a quiet place for study.

Though the 4:30 sessions are designed with township students in mind, they are independent of the school district, which has nonetheless given its stamp of approval with a Facebook post.

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“(It’s) a welcoming, comfortable space for our Spartans to work on their assignments,” said the post.

“This is a new program here for kids from sixth grade and up,” said reference librarian Michelle Burns. “Basically, we are going to provide the space and time for kids to work on school projects.”

Homework hour offers Wi-Fi and basic supplies, along with snacks. Students involved in group projects are also welcome.

“It is just a good idea to have a place to go to be able to focus on your schoolwork, and there can be so many distractions at home,” Burns noted. “Of course, if there are going to be kids there, I have to have snacks. You can’t get good ideas on an empty stomach.”

A high-school teacher for 20 years, Burns emphasized that homework hour is not a tutoring session.

“It’s more of a place where kids can go and get their work done in a casual atmosphere without the distractions of TV and video games and all of that,” she said.

The library also provides easy internet access for students doing online assignments and those without the service at home.

I’m hoping to get a good turnout because I’d love to be able to share our resources with the school kids,” Burns acknowledged. “I don’t think people know about all of our online resources that might make a student’s life easier.”

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