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Business meet and greet – with treats

Chocolate Walk on Main promotes Mullica Hill’s shops

The Sun. Business owners and couples will celebrate the Chocolate Walk on Main Saturday with a guide to shops they can visit during the evening on Saturday. Single people and families are also welcome.

As a way for the township’s Main Street businesses to better interact with customers and provide an event for couples, the Mullica Hill Business Association will host the Chocolate Walk on Main on Saturday from 5 to 9 p.m.

“It’s designed as a couple’s night, where people can experience all the shops on Main Street,” said association’s President George Murphy. “Each shop will have a type of dessert or something that makes you think of Valentine’s Day.

“It serves as a meet and greet for businesses where the owners can interact with customers and guests from out of town,” he added. “They’re offering different types of free treats and drinks that are chocolate oriented.”

Participants in the Chocolate Walk will get a list of Main Street shops to explore.

“You’ll get a chronological list of all the shops, and you’ll need to get each of the shop’s owners to sign it,” Murphy explained. “When you get to the last shop on the list, you will be entered for the chance to win a gift basket.”

The event got help from Mullica Hill, whose bright Christmas lights will remain on for the walk, and the shops will each be decorated with their own themes. Time Fine’s Men’s Store, for one, will evoke an ’80s date movie.

Tickets are limited and pre-order ones are sold out, but there will be some tickets available to purchase the day of for $15. The shops themselves will still be open to the public.

“The number of people attending (the event) ranges from 250 to 300 people,” Murphy noted. “This year, we are capped at 275, and the food available is perishable, meaning that it goes bad pretty quickly.

“There are people who usually have a change of plans or cancel a getaway, so we will keep two dozen tickets on hand just in case,” he added. “We do it since we want to keep Mullica Hill people happy.”

While primarily advertised as a couple’s event, the Chocolate Walk on Main will also welcome single individuals and family groups.

“It’s a super fun event and we’re excited to have it,” Murphy said.

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