Rowan College at Burlington County holds winter showcase

Students’ artworks to be displayed at Mount Holly campus

CHRISTINE HARKINSON/The Sun: Still Life Blues on oil, created by Rowan College at Burlington County student Jolarys Torres, received an honorable mention for painting at the college’s 2023 winter student showcase awards ceremony on Jan. 25.

Rowan College at Burlington County’s 2023 winter student showcase is open through March 1 at its Mount Holly campus.

An awards ceremony was held last month, with students winning awards in categories that included best of jewelry; best of photography; and best of painting, among others.

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“There’s jewelry, photography, drawing, graphic design,” said Jessica Kane, campus curator. “We have a few fashion pieces, we have fashion sketches that they did in class, and also some pieces that the students have created.”

This year’s show represents 99 artistic mediums, said Kane, who explained how students experimented with their work.

“I did get to see a lot of students who, say, were photography majors and they submitted a painting this time,” she noted. “ … It’s fun to see the students crossing over from medium to medium to different disciplines, and that’s what shows like this allow them to do.”

Kane shared how she presents students’ artworks to the community.

“I take all the work out and I put it around the gallery, and then we just start piecing things that work well together,” she explained. “On the wall, you can go with themes … Also, we use color for a lot of ways to place pieces together, feelings, emotions that we can bring out.”

With 14 years of experience, curating art exhibits for the college is second nature to Kane, but she also acknowledges the challenges that come with it.

“I see pieces and I just know they go together,” she pointed out. “Sometimes you have a show where it’s hard, because things, they just stand by themselves … Other times you see two pieces that are from two different artists, different mediums, and they just fit and they make each other pop off the wall together.”

CHRISTINE HARKINSON/The Sun: A Single Teardrop, in sterling silver and labradorite stone, created by Rowan student Stephanie Casuscelli, got an honorable mention for jewelry at the winter student showcase awards ceremony last month.

With each exhibit, Kane is amazed by students’ designs, and although she doesn’t see their process in class, she does see them evolve as artists.

“This year I was completely impressed, especially with some of the portraits that we had,” she said. “We do get a lot of work that is based on the projects that they’re (students) given in class.”

Kane advises Rowan students interested in art to give the exhibit a go, and noted how teachers are always available to help.

“Always try a class, definitely,” she said. “Our instructors and our faculty are great. They work with people who are complete beginners, and people who are just naturally born with the talent that we all want … 

“Don’t be afraid to take a class with anyone here.”

The winter student showcase is open to the public during gallery hours listed at

“ … I want people to have the expectation (that) this is a gallery and the students do a great job and their work is great,” Kane remarked. “I would love for people to come out and see that more.”

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