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Golden Apples honor ‘committed’ high-school faculty and staff

Nominees are submitted by Cinnaminson High students, colleagues

Past winners of the Golden Apple Awards include Brad Campbell (top left), Kim Slater (top right), Roger Rozlowski (middle left), Donna Saxton (center left), Tamara Beatty (middle right), School Resource Officer Roger Rogers (bottom left) Bret Jenkins (bottom right) and Lisa Sucharski (bottom center).

The Golden Apple Awards created in 2012 to recognize faculty and staff at Cinnaminson High School are a display of appreciation for those committed to the success of students and staff alike. 

Julie Leetz, who wears various hats at Cinnaminson High, including reading specialist team member and girls assistant tennis coach, also serves as the co-chair of the Golden Apple Awards Committee along with the principal Ryan Gorman. Together, they spotlight faculty members who “go above and beyond the call of duty,” are committed to students and are viewed as an inspiration to others.”

During monthly staff meetings, Gorman recognizes the staff as a whole for its dedication to the high school and its students. 

Faculty and staff can be nominated for the Golden Apple Awards by students or colleagues. Once nominees are announced, there are speeches by those who submitted their names before  the winner takes home an actual small apple. Winners for 2022 include special education teacher Sue Bennett and school library clerk Lisa Sucharski.

“Receiving the Golden Apple Award serves as a motivator and puts a little pep in your step,”  said Leetz, “and is a reminder of a job well done and to keep going.”


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