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Annual council meeting full of agenda items, including new leaders

Charles Watson approved as mayor, Lauren Coachan as deputy

With a salute to the nation’s flag, the 2023 reorganization meeting of Medford council was  underway, with an agenda that included the nomination and election of mayor and deputy mayor.

Charles Watson was approved by council as mayor, and Lauren Coachan as his deputy.

Meeting items included scheduling matters and the council agenda. Once the session’s minutes were discussed, a manager’s report was presented, followed by public comments. The session   wrapped up with a list of bills, agenda resolutions and an executive session.

The meeting eventually transitioned to resolution sessions, of which there were 12. Each resolution was broken down and dissected by council member Cathy Simmons. She addressed  the second and final collection of leaves in zone 4, Christmas tree collection dates and times, the general code project update, and an update on the Jackson Road Bridge.

Also discussed were urban planning and technical concerns. Simmons discussed the Kirby-Mills Dam project and the new website update and Tom Boulevard speeding concerns.

“The electrical parts for the damaged speed sign were ordered by the county,” Simmons noted. “The estimated time of delivery is approximately four weeks.” 

Four trucks were stopped by Medford police on Tom within a four-and-a-half-hour period on Dec. 29, Simmons said, resulting in a request for the state police heavy truck unit to be on scene. The unit inspected the four vehicles and 21 other trucks, one of which was removed from service. 

According to Simmons, the 2020 road  program is finished but for a new bench to be installed along North Lakeside Drive West.

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