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Get back: Beatles’ show returns for county performance

Ticket sales to benefit the Main Stage Center for the Arts

“Beatlemania Again” highlights songs from the Beatles’ canon, with references to the historic albums “Abbey Road” and “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.”

For the second time in six months, the popular stage show “Beatlemania Again” will be back in  Camden County. 


The show was performed in the county in the summer and is now returning for a charity event in Blackwood on Jan. 21. All ticket proceeds will benefit the Main Stage Center for the Arts. 


The cast includes Marty McGowan as John Lennon, Alan Leboeuf as Paul McCartney, Tyler Lindemuth as George Harrison and Rich Morello as Ringo Starr. The group has toured together for more than 20 years on the East Coast and shows are also scheduled for this year in   Connecticut, Pennsylvania and Delaware. 


Morello said the best part about the show is how effortlessly it unites different generations through one common theme: the Beatles.


“”What I believe is that this show chronologically traces the Beatles’ career …” he said. “We play the early hits, then a short intermission, and play (from albums) ‘Sgt. Pepper’ and ‘Abbey Road.’  Our show covers the whole story (of the Beatles).”


“Some of the shows we perform the Beatles never performed live, because they stopped touring …” Morello added. “With technology advancements, there are things you hear that are just amazing.” 


The show is broken down into three acts that highlight the eras of the band’s music. Each lasts  about 20 minutes and features three brief intermissions that allow the cast to change costumes.  

The acts are, “The Ed Sullivan Years,” a reference to the variety show where the Beatles made their first live U.S. appearance in 1964; “Sgt Pepper,” shorthand for the Beatles’ seminal album, “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”; and “Abbey Road,” the title of the group’s 1969 album. 


“The age groups (at the show), these people sing along … (even) little kids know ‘Yellow  Submarine,’” noted Morello, referencing the title song of another Beatles’ album. “It’s fulfilling and really cool to see that interaction with the crowd. 


“We’re proud to be able to do it to the best of our ability.” 


The show’s connection with Main Stage Center for the Arts is close to Morello’s heart since he’s a longtime Gloucester Township resident.


“Main Stage is great, and they do so much for the arts (community) in South Jersey,” he noted. “This means a lot to me personally. I think it is important to have arts in the community. Being a musician and a part of that culture, we’re happy to be a part of it.”


“Beatlemania Again” will be performed at the Dennis Flyer Memorial Theater. Tickets range from $25 pre-show to $30 at the door and can be purchased at beatlemaniaagain.com. Show tour dates are also available on the site.

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