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Donations needed for Moorestown’s REC financial assistance fund

Scholarships and subsidies available for all programs

The Parks & Recreation Department is dedicated to providing affordable and accessible programming for the greatest number of people. Youth programming is by far the largest segment, but adult and senior programming are well attended. Programming for individuals with special needs fill a much-needed gap in activities for children and young adults in our community.

While every effort is made to keep costs low, registration fees can’t be afforded by everyone, which is why financial assistance is available. Scholarships and subsidies are available by filling out a simple application. Program costs can range from $50 to over $200 depending on the length and complexity of the program. 

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The upcoming youth basketball league runs from January through March and costs $130 for residents. This, like many programs, is a great way for kids to exercise and socialize but may be out of reach for some families. There are subsidies/grants for anyone with financial hardships, not just children, which means anything from an active adult program to joining a soccer team to learning life skills.  

The rec department’s programs are often the launching point for children who find a passion for sports or theater or cooking that lasts a lifetime. Please consider donating to help a child learn to code scratch animation in the Robotics/STEM classes or play on a sports team. 

Rec programs have a variety of funding sources. Some are fee-driven and self-sustaining. Some are collaborative, shared-cost programs with local organizations and some completely underwritten by private individuals. All these help in keeping the community active and engaged. 

Please contact Cyndi Roberts at cbritton@moorestown.nj.us with any questions regarding financial assistance or to donate. Donations of any amount are welcome.


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