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Deptford participating in Show Off Your City Contest

Mayor Paul Medany and the Township Council are asking for your help! We’d love to show off Deptford and all it has to offer to the rest of New Jersey. The New Jersey League of Municipalities (NJLM) is sponsoring a ‘Show Off Your City Contest’ and we would love to see Deptford through your eyes for a possible photo submission to represent Deptford.

Send us photos of your favorite landmarks, scenery, economic development initiatives, parks, playgrounds, community groups and new projects.

Entries will be posted on the League’s Facebook page, website and some featured in the April issue of NJ Municipalities, and possibly other issues.

Please follow these rules:

Send photos to: deptfordparksandrec@deptford-nj.org

Give photo credit if necessary (submission implies you own the photo and are granting NJLM to use the photo). Be sure to include your Facebook profile name and we will tag your photo on Facebook.

Photos must be a JPEG file and at least 1 MB in size and no stock photos.

Deadline is Feb. 1 so we can organize and submit in time. Thank you and we can’t wait to show off Deptford.

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