Cherry Hill leaders reflects on 2022 accomplishments

Shin Angulo said she will revisit township’s cannabis program

Cherry Hill council unanimously voted for David Fleisher as president and Brian Bauerle as vice president during its first meeting of the year on Jan. 4. 

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Following their swearing in by county Commissioner Melinda Kane, Fleisher recapped council’s accomplishments in 2022.

“After extensive public input, we passed a sweeping tree ordinance to protect our green spaces,” he noted. “We passed an ordinance to encourage electric-vehicle use and limit the expansion of mega gas stations, and once again, we passed a balanced budget with zero tax increase.”

During public comment, resident Martha Wright thanked council for passage of the electric-vehicle ordinance and for its role in limiting mega gas stations. The applicant for a Super Wawa store at the Barclay Shopping Center was withdrawn last month.

“This is perceived as a major victory for community character and neighborhood values for the residents of Barclay Farm and for Kingston Estates,” Wright maintained. “It’s a huge, big deal, and it took a tremendous amount of effort to accomplish this. And I’d like to acknowledge council for some of their efforts that I think have been helpful in causing the applicant to withdraw their application, but more importantly, been helpful in creating a brighter future for Cherry Hill.”

Both Fleisher and Mayor Susan Shin Angulo offered a brief look at what residents can expect in the new year.

“Relief act funding will be getting into the hands of residents, nonprofits and organizations that will have a meaningful impact on people’s lives here in town,” Fleisher explained. “We will continue to address issues of public safety, the quality of our roads and infrastructure. We will revisit the issue of cannabis. We will be pushing carriers to improve cell service all around town. 

“We will be counting every penny and will continue to keep an eye on the bottom line to protect our taxpayers.” 

“My resolution for Cherry Hill is to move forward with safety as a priority for each project, assist vulnerable populations and keep the township on solid financial footing,” Shin Angulo offered. “Some of the township’s 2023 initiatives include a number of capital improvement projects like the sanitary sewer slip line program to help repair pipes in the sanitary sewer area and the Society Hill pump station replacement, ADA ramp improvement program and the state-funded Chapel Avenue Road improvement program. 

“Our business sector will continue to thrive as we expand the retail and commercial opportunities, including having further conversation on cannabis,” she added.

Resolutions passed include the following:

  • The 2023 schedule of regular meetings from January to December 2023 means council sessions will begin at 7:30 p.m. in chambers, unless otherwise noted. Caucuses will begin at 7 p.m. in Room 206.
  • Judge Adam D. Greenberg has been appointed as municipal court judge.
  • Michael T. Raio was named tax assessor.
  • The township inserted $8,020.41 into its budget from the state Body Armor Grant, and inserted $28,000 from the Sustained Enforcement Grant
  • Remington and Vernick Engineers of Cherry Hill is the appointed the 2023 consulting municipal engineer.

The next council meeting will be held on Jan. 23 at 7:30 p.m.

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