Mantua Police Department’s safe deal zone

The Police Department is registered as a Safe Deal Zone.  This allows you to conduct your Craigslist, Facebook, LetGo, Close5, 5Miles, OfferUp, Kijiji, Pinterest, Etsy, GunBroker, ArmsList, local classifieds or other face-to-face transactions in a registered safe location (Mantua Township Police Department, 405 Main St., Mantua, NJ).

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Officers will be available if a specific stand-by is needed due to any concern regarding the transaction. Just phone Dispatch at (856) 468-1920 ahead of time to let us know. It is not required to have an officer stand by; our lot is well lit and has video surveillance.  We just want to let you know that we are available if you are concerned enough to want an officer present during the transaction

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