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Mullica Hill’s 2023 plans include road repairs and repaving

Harrison Township committee also welcomes new members

Courtesy of Harrison Township. Mayor Louis Manzo said road projects in Mullica Hill expected to begin soon including residential subdivisions with potholes and other deterioration problems.

Mullica Hill’s township committee has a lot planned for the community in 2023.

While there are no major expenditures in the new year, the township will focus on repairing some of the roads around town.

“The township will also focus on getting some needed paving projects addressed in 2023,” said Mayor Louis Manzo. “Several of our residential subdivisions have pothole and deterioration problems, and we recently decided to allocate money in our existing budget to that cause in 2023. So, expect to see these improvements commence once the weather breaks in the New Year.”

Meanwhile, the Harrison Township committee welcomed new members at its Jan. 3 meeting: Lawrence Moore and Jeff Jacques were both elected in November.

We are excited for 2023, as we welcome two new members to the township Committee,” said Manzo. “We look forward to the input and perspectives of Lawrence Moore and Jeff Jacques on the issues we need to address in the coming years.”

Manzo said road repairs to be funded include Route 322 and Clems Run.

“We will see substantial county and federally funded paving projects commence in 2023,” he noted. “All of Route 322 in Harrison Township will be completely repaired, repaved and re-striped in 2023, funded by a grant the county secured from the federal government totaling $9 million.

“In addition, the county will complete the Clems Run improvement project, which began in 2022 with improvements to address the grading and storm water puddling in certain areas,” the mayor added. “This coming year will see the total repaving of Clems Run in the township. Lastly, we expect the county will move forward with building a new county EMS station on the south end of Route 77 this coming year.”

A major issue in 2022 was a project to develop warehouses in Mullica Hill along the town’s border with Woolwich Township that was fiercely opposed by residents alarmed about pollution, loud noise and even crime that could result from the plans. The Harrison Township Joint Land Use Board voted against the project last month, but the issue of warehouses anywhere in Mullica Hill remains.

“We know this is an emotional topic for many, and our township committee will be faced with a decision in 2023,” Manzo said. “Do we completely ban any warehousing projects, even in areas where the zoning has permitted it for many years?” 

Manzo said a ban would require multiple actions by Mullica Township, including zoning and master plan amendments, and a major shift in the year’s fiscal plan.

“We will seek the maximum input from our residents as the facts are considered, in preparation for the introduction of our 2023 budget in late March,” Manzo said. “So please stay tuned, and be attentive to this conversation, since it affects every household.”

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