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Window into crime solving

Township police use home video systems in investigations

Private video surveillance systems can often be the most ideal kind of evidence for solving crimes. That’s why police departments across the country – and now, Cinnaminson – are encouraging cooperation and collaboration between officers and residents to solve crimes.

Township residents can go to the police department’s website to find a page called Crime Cams – A Community Camera Partnership, where they can voluntarily register their private cameras  with police in the event they are needed for a crime-related situation.

A nearly identical program has been in place in Philadelphia for the last decade. 

“Should a crime occur near a registered security system, a Cinnaminson PD investigator may contact the owner of the registered system to review the footage recorded at the time of an incident,” according to a public service announcement.

“The footage or live view/feed will NOT be used by the Cinnaminson police department without the registered security system owner’s expressed consent.”

The beauty of the program, according to police, is that it is entirely voluntary, meaning residents can not only register for the program when they want, but also unregister if they choose to no longer participate.

In a case where relevant footage needs to be used, the police department will contact the appropriately registered resident to request the use of footage. 

Those interested in the video surveillance program can call the police department at (856) 829-6667, ext. 2055,  or visit the township website, where there is an online form to register for Crime Cams.


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