County finance office goes paperless for bid submissions

Officials expect cost savings for taxpayers with electronic system

In keeping with an increasingly paperless society, contractors bidding on county-funded projects will now submit their proposals electronically.

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“Burlington County already has a stellar credit rating and the lowest average county tax in New Jersey, but the switch from paper-based procurement to an electronic system will help us achieve even greater efficiencies and cost savings,” said Burlington County Commissioner Director Dan O’Connell.

“We expect this new system will be a huge timesaver for staff and that the vendors and contractors who do business with the county will also enjoy the cost-saving benefits,” noted O’Connell, who added that the switch will save taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The switch to an e-procurement system provided by Ion Wave Technologies starts next month, making Burlington one of the first counties in the state to go the paperless route. Starting in November, companies will be given the option to bid electronically or by the traditional paper format, but will have only the electronic system starting Dec. 1, according to county spokesperson David Levinsky.

The paper-based procurement system is much more labor-intensive and material heavy,” he explained. “It requires multiple copies of submissions to be made and scanned for review and record-keeping.

“The electronic system will save significant time and paper materials for both vendors and the county,” Levinsky added. “We believe the e-procurement system will also reduce errors in submissions, which should result in fewer bid rejections due to technicalities. This will create more potential savings.”

The 3,700-plus businesses registered with the county’s finance department will be notified of available contracts and bid opportunities, and have been informed of the impending switch. They are encouraged to register in the new portal.

“The county chose to phase in the switch from paper-based to electronic system to provide vendors with flexibility during the transition, but the new system is tested and simple to use,” Levinsky maintained.

“The county is pleased to make this change.”

One advantage to businesses is that their submissions can be updated and amended until the designated time the proposals will be opened. They will be alerted of any mistakes, such as missed signatures or data fields. The process should result in fewer bid rejections due to technicalities, resulting in the potential for more savings, Levinsky said.

“The more qualified bids the county receives, the more potential for cost savings, so we expect this to become a big money saver for us,” O’Connell noted. “We see this as a big win for our county and our taxpayers and another example of how Burlington County is leading the way on affordability and fiscal management.”

The electronic system will be used for all county transactions that involve bids or submissions for goods or services. Companies can register for free at  

The county will also continue to advertise opportunities via newspaper legal notices, as required by state law.


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