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State aid allows county to replace traffic signs

Project includes ground mounted signage and reflective strips

County crews work to maintain signage along county routes, with upgrades and or replacements along Ganttown Road and County Route 639 in Washington Township. Deputy Director Heather Simmons, liaison to the Department of Public Works, advises residents who spot areas in need of maintenance to call (856) 307-6400, Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

People who get lost while driving, even with a GPS, realize how important traffic signs are to finding a destination.

During the Battle of the Bulge in World War II, German soldiers actually changed the direction of the signs so Allied soldiers coming to the aid of Bastogne would go in the wrong direction. Getting lost on the roads in France cost lives.

But in 2022, traffic signs aren’t always a matter of life and death. In Gloucester County, residents will soon be able to get to where they’re going with the state funded Traffic Sign Replacement Project, now almost complete.

“The Engineering Project 21-18 – Countywide Traffic Sign Replacement roject consists of the furnishing, installation and removal of various signs at locations throughout the county,” said Vincent M. Voltaggio, P.E., director of Public Works and the county engineer.

“New ground-mounted signs include installation of reflective strips on the sign post, new posts and new highly reflective signs,” he added. “This contract also includes installation and replacement of advanced warning, school and regulatory and various other signage as directed.”  

All overhead mast arms signs will be updated and replaced throughout the county. The project was awarded to LC Equipment for $844,145,” according to Voltaggio. Signs along Egg Harbor  and Pitman-Downer roads have already been installed.

Overall, the plan calls for the furnishing, installation and replacement of signs including but not limited to advanced warning, school and regulatory signs. Also included are the installation of reflective U-Post inserts, flexible delineators and mowing or trimming of vegetation as required to properly install the signs.

Traveling through Gloucester County will be much easier when the project is completed, unless there is a traffic jam. But even then, finding an alternate route will not be as hard with the new signs.


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