Substitute Teacher Opening in Mantua School District

We are currently accepting applications for substitute teachers.  Our current rate of pay is $110 per day. 

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There are two ways to qualify to be a substitute teacher:

  • possess teacher certification from the New Jersey Department of Education
  • have completed at least 60 credits at an accredited college or university

If you are not certified but have completed at least 60 college credits, you are eligible to apply for a substitute teaching credential from the NJ Department of Education.  The credential costs $125 and is valid for five years. Detailed instructions for applying are available in our Superintendent’s Office.

A substitute teacher assists with classroom instruction in the absence of a regular teacher.  This person follows and teaches lesson plans, aids students in understanding subject matter, and ensures that regular classroom routines are followed.


  • Provide meaningful instruction in assigned classrooms while the regular teacher is absent
  • Review and implement regular teacher’s routines, procedures, lesson plans, and curriculum objectives
  • Establish and maintain a safe and orderly classroom environment
  • Report any student injuries, illness, and serious discipline problems to school administration
  • Perform other duties as directed by school administration

The deadline to apply online is June 30, 2023, at midnight.

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