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Borough of Haddonfield announces Lullworth Hall Escrow Agreement

Property to be renovated into residential condominium units.

EMILY LIU/The Sun: Haddonfield Borough Hall

The Board of Commissioners is entering into an escrow  agreement with Haddonfield Development Group, LLC for the redevelopment of  Lullworth Hall. The proposed concept includes renovating the existing property  into four (4) for-sale residential condominium units. Three units are proposed  within the present structure; one is a to-be-built single-unit carriage house-style  structure with a garage and loft. 

Lullworth Hall, built in 1886 by Charles Mann, sits on 1.06 acres. It was acquired  by the Bancroft School in 1919 and used as their administrative office. The  building has been sitting vacant for several years and requires extensive repairs. In  March of 2022, the Commissioners solicited Requests for Qualifications and  Proposals to redevelop the historic building site, but they did not receive any  responses. Then in September, the Commissioners signed a listing agreement with  Markeim Chalmers, Inc.  

Lullworth Hall is protected by an historic easement, is part of the Borough’s  historic district, and is listed on the State of New Jersey Register of Historic Places  and the National Register of Historic Places. 

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