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Letter to the Editor: Mike Nuckols

Newly elected board member Mike Nuckols expresses gratitude and urges people to stay engaged.

Dear Editor, 

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I’m writing to say thank you to Haddonfield.  And I’m writing with a request.

First, the thank you. I want to thank everyone who supported my campaign for the Haddonfield Board of Education. It started with close friends, but over time grew well beyond that. The fact that people I’d never met were willing to spend their Saturday knocking on doors and were placing a sign with my name in front of their home…I found it humbling and surreal. But also wonderful.

Thank you also to Mark Cartella. Mark and his family worked tirelessly. For me, being in such a competitive race meant I engaged with lots of people, which meant lots of questions – and each question forced me to learn more about issues I wasn’t up to speed on. I’m joining the board far more informed than I would have without Mark. I’m grateful for that.

And now the request…The Bond Referendum.

One issue both campaigns agreed on was that the newly acquired property next to the high school presents an amazing opportunity. So however you voted, I ask you to stay engaged. Imagine if we could direct our energy towards making our plans for this property the best they possibly could be. Imagine if we debated and listened and challenged and compromised. Our campaign supporters included lawyers and engineers and educators and organizers – let’s now channel that expertise and passion to set our schools up for success for the next two decades. 

Naïve, perhaps. But I’m an optimist. And I’ve learned that helps if you want to run for office.

I am proud to have this opportunity to serve, and I’m proud to be part of this community.

With gratitude,

Mike Nuckols



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