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Army veteran among speakers at township Veterans Day event

Guests at police headquarters included VFW vets and a school choir

Military veterans of all ages were part of the township’s Veterans Day ceremony at police headquarters on Nov. 11.

“I am truly honored and humbled to have this opportunity to speak with you today,” said Army veteran Robert Anderson. “Veterans Day is a special holiday that honors all those who have served.”

Anderson was one of many veterans who spoke about the history of the holiday and what it means to serve in the military.

“We are here as neighbors, family, friends and co-workers,” said William Foltz, Air Force veteran and junior vice commander of the Mantua VFW. “We work to have something in common, and that’s the freedom of choice. Every branch of the United States Armed Forces – meaning the Army, Marines, the Navy, the Air Force, the Space Force and Coast Guard – all have what is called military values.

“In the Air Force, they taught us core values,” he added, “which are integrity first, service before self and excellence at all we do.”

The ceremony included Mayor Pete Scirrotto, Committeeman John Legge and VFW Chairman Joe Heitmann. Scirrotto delivered a proclamation honoring Army veteran Robert William Dunn, who is also a chaplain; he provided an opening and closing prayer for the event.

The proclamation cited Dunn’s “unconditional concern with defending the United States of America.”

The event featured the student choir of J. Mason Tomlin Elementary School and Sarah Robbins, a music teacher. They performed “The Star-Spangled Banner,” “America the Beautiful” and “This Land is Your Land.”

There was also an artwork contest whose winners posed for pictures with Heitmann and Legge. Originally planned for outdoors, the ceremony was moved inside because of inclement weather.

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