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Township high school celebrates spirit week

Festivities build up to a pep rally and homecoming

CHRISTINE HARKINSON/The Sun: The high school’s senior class poses for a group photo at the pep rally on Nov. 4.

Moorestown High School students ended spirit week on a high note with a pep rally and homecoming dance earlier this month.

Themes for spirit week – from Oct. 31 to Nov. 4 – included monster mash Monday, team Tuesday, Wild West Wednesday, tropical Thursday and class colors on Friday. Students also played games that included a scavenger hunt and bottle flipping competition.

“We had a donut-eating contest where we put a donut on a string and you have two people holding it, and you can’t use your hands, so you just go and eat it,” said Taylor Clayton, freshman class senator.

“We also had a food drive … to make Thanksgiving baskets for local shelters in our area, and each grade is responsible for collecting a certain food item,” said Keyan Vojdani, senior class vice president.

Sophomore Kyle Sumerson described how class officers help get students involved in the school’s events.

“Part of our job as officers is to hype everything up and get people excited about it,” he explained. “It’s a really great way to get people involved, and I think this year, with all classes, I think everyone did a really great job of hyping things up, so during the week you could really feel the energy.”

For the first time, the homecoming court proceeded down Main Street before the dance. As a court member, Vojdani was happy to see support from the community.

“There was a really nice vibe around the town and people would stop and honk their horns,” he recalled. “They would start waving at us and we would wave back, and I thought it was something that was really cool and interesting personally.”

“For my first homecoming, I think it was very great,” Clayton said. “Everybody was hoping that it wouldn’t be boring, and the DJ really kept it up. He was interacting with the audience and he would take our songs into consideration.”

Sophomore class historian Angela Cucinotta and freshman senator Michael Miceli shared their experiences of homecoming.

“I think also the fact that we were able to invite other people from other schools really helped the turnout of just the whole dance,” Cucinotta said. “It made people want to come.”

“The fact that we helped decorate it, too, really made me appreciate some of the things that we did and helped out with,” Miceli added.

A pep rally rounded out the week.

“Everybody, no matter who you are, you’re excited to be there,” said Adam Connor, senior class president. “I think that the atmosphere there is something that you can’t experience any other time during your time at Moorestown High School. Everyone looks forward to that day and everyone looks forward to that night.”

“The place is electric,” he added. “The energy is amazing and it’s great to see how everyone comes together and has a great time.”

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