The Burlington County Unofficial Election results are in for Cinnaminson

The unofficial results are in. According to the Burlington County Board of Elections Cinnaminson Township will be welcoming Stephanie Kravil to the Cinnaminson Township Committee as she ran unopposed for the single open seat.  

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As far as the Board of Education, the current standings show Michael Bramhall with 23.84 percent of votes, Christine L. Turner with 20.86 percent of votes and Katherine Bleistine with 19.39 percent of votes as front runners for the three open seats. 

The Cinnaminson Township Fire Department will also be welcoming two new Fire Commissioners, Danny Norman and Patrick Richards, who will be filling the two vacant seats. 

For the county, the race for sheriff is showing a lead for representative James Kostoplis with 55.75 percent of the votes and Mike Ditzel falling behind with 44.20 percent of votes. 

The County Commissioner race between Allison Eckel and Jeff Fortune is showing Eckel in the lead with 56.37 percent of the votes. 

In the race for the single open seat in the U.S. House of Representatives for District 1, Democratic representative Donald Norcross is in the lead to win the single seat with 60.37 percent of the votes against Republican Claire Gustafson with 37.6 percent of votes. For District 3, Democratic representative Andy Kim is currently in the lead with 58.27 percent of the votes against Republican Bob Healy coming in with 40.86 percent of votes. 

On the State level, the Republican candidate Alexander Sauickie III is coming out on top with 56.83 percent of the votes against Democrat Paul Sarti with 43.14 percent of votes. 

All results are unofficial as of Tuesday, Nov. 8 evening. Results remain unofficial until certified by the county Board of Elections


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