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Borough community center hosts flu vaccine clinic

Free shots will also be available in the county’s municipalities

The community center partnered with the Burlington County Health Department to offer free flu shots last month that were especially helpful to older residents unable to travel outside of the borough.

Flu season is back with a vengeance in New Jersey and around the country, so Palmyra and the Burlington County Health Department are doing their part to make flu vaccines more readily available to residents this winter.

The Palmyra Community Center offered free flu shots on Oct. 27.

“Instead of having our residents go to the health department, why not have the health department come down here?” Palmyra Mayor Gina Tait asked. “These shots are a major contributor to helping people stay protected.”

Tait specifically mentioned an older population in the borough as benefiting the most from free flu shots at the center, since the location is accessible to residents with travel limitations. The site was previously used to administer COVID vaccines and booster shots, but for flu shots, it includes a walk-up clinic with pre-registration required.. 

“Our senior citizens sometimes do not have the transportation to get out to Mount Holly,” Tait explained. “In the beginning of the pandemic, I got a lot of phone calls saying, ‘Why can’t we use the community center?’ So it’s a big deal that it’s being used.”

The county health department will also provide flu vaccine clinics in its municipalities every Thursday until Jan. 3. Those who can travel to Mount Holly, Medford, Evesham Township and other towns can find more information about locations on the health department website.

“Influenza typically sends thousands of people to hospitals annually and can be a danger to anyone, but especially seniors, young children and others with weakened immune systems or other health conditions,” said Burlington County Health Department Director Dr. Herb Conaway. 

“Getting a seasonal flu shot is the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones.”


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