Letter to the Editor: Jeff Hammon

Haddonfield resident speaks on board of education candidates

Dear Editor,

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This past Sunday we received a visit from one of the Board of Education candidates. One of his campaign platforms is to ‘support teachers’. He explained that he has spoken to a number of teachers in the district and ‘they aren’t happy’ and are being asked to do things that they don’t believe they should be asked to do.  When I asked for specifics, he could not provide them, nor could he tell me how he would specifically solve this problem.

If a majority of teachers are indeed ‘not happy’ teaching in one of the top districts in the state, I agree that we truly have a problem.  If this isn’t the case, and the candidate is campaigning on a false premise, then the candidate truly has a problem.  Whatever the case, it’s incumbent upon the Board to accurately assess the pulse of our teachers and correct course if needed.

Jeff Hammon


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