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Letter to the Editor: Nousheen Yousuf-Sadiq

Resident writes in support of Mike Nuckols for school board.

Dear Editor,

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I am writing to express my support for Mike Nuckols as Board of Education member. The name “Nuckols” is synonymous in our household with creating a safe environment for our children to learn and thrive, and I see Mike’s campaign steadily upholding these values. 

What I appreciate most about Mike is his holistic approach to education. I believe our students’ academic success rests in supporting their overall experience. With the threat of limited space looming in our great but small town, making wise use of any available space is vital for creating a comfortable working environment. When my high school underwent renovations, I had to take classes in a trailer outside the school. I know first hand that it is not conducive for learning at an older age, let alone at a young age when children absorb so much from their surroundings. But Mike’s vision is not just for new classroom space; he also hopes to transform the Bancroft Property into a campus-like area, giving our students a sense of ownership and comfort where they learn. 

Mike’s attention to the harassment, intimidation, and bullying occurrences that have been increasing is essential to making sure every student has a healthy and safe environment to optimize their learning potential. As a special needs family, this resonates deeply with me, and I was very appreciative of Mike meeting with special needs families in town to understand their experiences. Mike’s support of diversity in the curriculum is foundational to curb more HIB incidences. He recognizes that the two are intrinsically linked, and that approving and supporting a diverse curriculum would help prevent bullying before it starts, rather than scrambling for the appropriate reprimand. Dealing with it at its source by fostering education, understanding, and respect is how we can inspire systematic change that is sustainable and meaningful.

Becoming a member of the Board of Education means representing every individual in the district and really feeling connected to the community. I believe Mike can handle this weighty responsibility and truly feel that his success would be beneficial to our schools, our staff, and our town. 

Nousheen Yousuf-Sadiq




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