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Mullica Hill mayor discusses infrastructure improvements

Ensuring that our roads are in good shape to travel is always a priority, but it is also a very expensive proposition. For this reason, we seek to work closely with our County and State elected officials to garner funding allocation in their budgets for our community. Nurturing those relationships has served Harrison Township well over the last decade-plus, going back to the Route 322 Bypass project, which included the expansion and improvements in Richwood as you approach Route 55. The $25 million cost for this project was shared between Gloucester County and the State of New Jersey.

More recently, in the last year the County has stepped up again to fund major improvements to Clems Run in our town, including bridge replacements, needed storm water regrading and culvert repairs, along with the complete resurfacing of the road from beginning to end. That work is currently underway. In addition, I received a call from our county leadership last week notifying me that they have secured $9 million in Federal Funding on our behalf to completely resurface Route 322 from the Woolwich Township line to Route 55. A portion of that work will take place before the weather sets in, with the majority of the project happening in the Spring next year. This is awesome news, and we thank the County Commissioners for their continual support in addressing our infrastructure needs over the years.  

On the local front, you may have read our recent announcement to reallocate a portion of our municipal spending to address the needed street repairs in some of our housing subdivisions. The appearance of sinkholes or potholes and the deterioration of storm water grates and culverts is now impossible to handle “in-house” based on the staff size of our Public Works Department. 

Therefore, we are using private contractors to get the job done. Over the next 40 days, or so, we will address the emergent situations. Then, once the weather breaks early next year, we will continue this effort. We appreciate your input and ask that you continue to let us know your concerns directly or through your HOA leadership. 

We know that everyone is busy and attending our Township Committee meetings presents a challenge, but your input is crucial on multiple fronts. That is why we created the MullicaHillConnect platform several years ago. If you are not one of the 4,000 recipients of the weekly Happening in the Hill email, go to www.mullicahillconnect.com and sign up. You will also receive important Township Notices and updates in my Mayor’s Message emails. Most importantly, this gives you an easy option to “reply” with a question or comment about anything happening in town without leaving your home.

We live in a vibrant community with a lot happening and we know that the best ideas for the future of Harrison Township come from you. So, let us know what you are thinking. Stay connected. 

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