Letter to the Editor: Eric Schwenk and David Fuller

Residents advocate for Mark Cartella for board of education.

Dear Editor,

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Simply put, Mark Cartella is the most qualified candidate and has the most relevant experience for the Board of Education. He’s an active community leader and a wrestling coach who has positively impacted many Haddonfield children. Mark’s tangible skills as an engineer have allowed him to direct complex projects, including the Bancroft project, from beginning to end. These skills are directly applicable to the decisions regarding town buildings that the BOE will need to make if the bond referendum passes. 

Mark has attended numerous board of education (BOE) meetings to better understand the processes and opportunities for our community. He has an uncanny ability to respectfully listen to the concerns of others. He embraces diversity of opinion, even those from residents who may not be inclined to speak publicly. Mark would not minimize the views of families and teachers, nor would he publicly shame them if they differed from his own. He is seeking to take an inclusive and proactive approach to our proud history of education and ensure curriculum transparency. 

As the son of teachers he highly values Haddonfield’s outstanding schools but also acknowledges that there are weaknesses in need of improvement, such as school security. This has never been more important than in today’s culture of episodic violence. While he respects New Jersey’s educational experts, he also knows that state guidelines must be interpreted and implemented locally. 

Lastly, Mark is invested in our school system and the success of the BOE for the long haul. With four young children in the district, he has a vision for the future and knows the BOE’s decisions will impact his family directly and that of the entire town for years to come. Mark doesn’t just talk or create slogans – he gets things done. We enthusiastically support him for Board of Education.


Eric Schwenk and David Fuller


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