Letter to the Editor: Matthew McClure

Resident writes in support of Mark Cartella for board of education.

Dear Editor,

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I am writing this letter in support of my friend Mark Cartella for our town’s Board of Education.

My first experience with Mark came before I knew he was seeking a position on the Board. Mark served as my son’s wrestling coach last season. He is a kind man whose passion for teaching is clear. Mark treated all members of the team equally. Most of the boys were new to organized sports and just learning how to interact in a social and athletic setting. Mark not only taught the boys wrestling, he more importantly taught them fairness, respect, and community.

In speaking with Mark, he is a very reasonable candidate for the Board. He is the son of two educators. Mark aims to educate our children broadly yet also give voice to our town’s families. Mark is a father to four young children. I find it reassuring that Mark intends to become involved in our school district while also educating his family here.

Please strongly consider a vote for Mr. Cartella for this very important position. I believe the Board needs a diversity of opinion, and Mark is a team player who will respect different opinions. Even local elections can become hostile, and I think our neighbors and children want a positive role model who can work with others, to listen to every view equally without judgment, to create a more unified town whose residents feel validated and respected!

Respectfully submitted,
Matthew McClure

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