Haunted or not? Library to host paranormal researchers

Event will focus on residual hauntings versus intelligent ones

The township library will host a free presentation by the New Jersey Researchers of Paranormal Evidence (NJROPE) on Tuesday that will focus on residual versus intelligent hauntings and an evidence review.

The difference between residual and intelligent hauntings is that the former has ghosts that do not interact with a witness physically – for example, slamming a door – and the latter do. 

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An evidence review based on what NJROPE has captured themselves with either photo or video.

They (the researchers) were here last year, and we had a great response,” said reference librarian Michelle Burns. “We wanted something fun and spooky for Halloween, and the people from NJROPE are just what we needed. Like their name suggests, they educate people about how to determine the evidence of paranormal activity.

“I think you’ll be able to know from this program if you are experiencing a haunting or not,” she added. “Some things are just coincidences. Some things are not. This organization can teach you how to determine the difference.”

According to the NJROPE website, the group was created in 2009 as a way to help people deal with paranormal experiences around them.

I started NJROPE Paranormal because of my own unexplainable experiences,” said the group’s director, Frank Lazzaro, on the website. “NJROPE is a group of researchers who each have a calling for learning more about this unseen world. We take what we do very seriously and will work with our clients to give them an understanding of what they are experiencing.

“Our objective is always for our client to feel comfortable with their surroundings,” he added. “Because NJROPE looks for a natural explanation for different paranormal claims, it is not always necessary to find evidence of a haunt. Rather, it is just as satisfying to present this natural explanation if our objective is achieved.”

Should this year’s event be anything like 2021, it is likely the township library will host NJROPE again, according to Burns, but there is no schedule yet,” said Burns.

The NJROPE presentation will take place from 6:30 to 8 p.m. For news and updates on the session, visit the library’s website and Facebook page.

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