Letter to the Editor: Sheryl Axelrod

Resident writes in support of democratic candidates

To the Editor,

I moved to Moorestown pre-pandemic from Philadelphia in December 2019, to raise my one-year-old daughter.

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It was a great move. Look at how Philly fared through the pandemic compared to Moorestown. According to a Pew poll, “Philadelphians are struggling with record-high gun violence, and residents throughout the city are concerned for their safety. They also still feel the COVID-19 pandemic’s far-reaching impacts, such as changes in their physical and mental health, household finances, and employment.”

Not so in Moorestown. Mall shops are rebounding, Cooper Hospital’s investing here and crime is decreasing, in good part thanks to Democrats Gillespie and Law.

At the Council Candidates’ Forum on Sept. 21, the Republican candidates essentially asked for our vote because they’ve lived and raised their families here, despite lacking the backgrounds and relevant experience to properly manage Mooretown.

Law’s family’s been here for generations, and Democrats Gillespie and Law are imminently qualified. That showed in how they answered questions. The Republican candidates read answers from prepared notes. They could not even answer questions, before flipping to the right page to read from. Watch on YouTube at parts I and II.

Not so for the Democrats, Gillespie and Law, who knew their stuff. They talked about their experience working with their state and federal counterparts, and how that’s benefitted us. Along the way, they dispelled the Republicans’ accusations against them, making it clear the Republicans didn’t know what they were talking about.

For me, the choice is clear. I’m going to vote for knowledge, relevant experience, and proven results. I’m going to vote for the team that has kept this town idyllic and decreased crime through the pandemic, despite the tolls it wreaked on other towns, including nearby Philadelphia. I’m voting for the Democrats, Gillespie and Law.

Sheryl Axelrod

Moorestown, NJ

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