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Letter to the Editor: Anthony J. Errichetto

Resident advocates for free parking in Downtown Haddonfield.

Dear Editor,
I have to agree 100 percent with Mr. Mulholland’s letter regarding the $262,000 kiosks that will adorn the streets of Haddonfield.
I question why as a tax paying resident of this borough I need to pay to shop in my own town?  For years I have heard “shop locally” and support local businesses. However, you must PAY to shop in town. Don’t let the “powers” kid you they aren’t concerned with the borough businesses.  All they want is more money in their coffers.
 If the powers that be really want to encourage residences to shop in town do away totally with pay to park. why would I pay to park in order to shop when there are so many other places to shop without a fee to park.
 We can just as easily go to the Cherry Hill Mall, park for FREE and have a larger selection of stores from which to make a purchase.   I am sure the Commissioners and Borough Administrator can find a better use for $262,000.  If they can’t  why not start with the pot holes, Haddonfield streets are a disgrace. The entire town does not live on Warwick Road.
Anthony J. Errichetto
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