Letter to the Editor: Kristen Viglietta

Cherry Hill resident explains her reasons for voting "yes" on the Oct. 6 bond referendum.

Dear Editor,

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Residents of Cherry Hill have a job to do on Thursday. Simply put, vote YES for the CHPS (Cherry Hill Public Schools) Bond Referendum. 

I’m a stakeholder who’s been an involved volunteer in the schools for nearly a decade from room parent, to PTA boards, to Zone PTA to district committees. My husband and I have kids who’ve attended four schools in the district with our youngest now at Rosa. 

I’m voting YES because every school’s PTA Executive Board, all 18, has voted in support of this referendum. They are parents who have a current pulse on these buildings. 

I’m voting YES because CHEA, the teachers’ union, has voted in support of this bond referendum, as has CHASA, the school administrators’ union. 

I’m voting YES because our special education population deserves all buildings to be up to date with ADA compliance–this is the best & fastest mechanism to make that finally happen. 

I’m voting YES because whether or not I agree with the current administration or BOE, I can rest assured that the state is monitoring these projects…this isn’t a blank check being handed to CHPS. 

I’m voting YES because with the approval of this bond referendum, the state will give us $113M toward the costs. 

I’m voting YES because the sub-par HVAC systems in our schools have really impacted our kids & staff over the last two-plus years. They desperately need replacement. 

I’m voting YES because it’s not right to have kids in several buildings with leaky roofs–some classrooms have buckets in them & portions of some buildings are closed when there is rain. 

I’m voting YES because our school buildings are at the tipping point. There aren’t other solutions to get the total funding for the amount of work that’s required to keep these buildings healthy & safe for our children. Incremental school budget increases won’t cover these dire needs. 

I’m voting YES because stakeholders who came before me paid taxes for my kids to be able to attend excellent schools. It’s my duty to do the same for future students. 

Stand with me for the children of this town, present & future. Vote YES. 

Kristen Viglietta

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