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That time again: Leaf collection begins on Halloween

Township vehicle will remove them from residents’ homes

Leaf collection in the township will begin on Monday, Oct. 31, and continue through the end of the year.

Our fall leaf-season pickup is a service that we offer every year to the residents of Mantua Township,” said Township Administrator Jennica Bileci. “Residents are asked to rake their leaves curbside and to not place the leaves in bags.”

A township truck will collect leaves from area streets to ensure that they are disposed of properly. Residents should avoid putting the leaves in front of fire hydrants and storm drains: The leaves can block efficient operation of the equipment when it is needed most.

While the township public works department will do its best to stick to a schedule, delays may occur if there are more leaves collected than anticipated. Leaf collection is especially important in Mantua because it has so many trees. Under certain circumstances, leaves can become hazardous when wet and pose a danger to cars and drivers.

“In the past, those areas that have more leaves than others include Mantua proper, Cold Springs development and a good portion of Sewell,” said superintendent of public works Glenn deMers. “Also, Washington and Adams Avenue (get more leaves), as well as along Breakneck Road and Weatherby Hills development, too.”

“Collecting leaves is an art form,” said Mantua Mayor Pete Scirrotto. “The best time to get them is when they’re dry and when they stick together due to frost. It makes the leaves easier to pick up. It is a hectic time of year for us, one of the most hectic times of the year for us.

“People get impatient at times and rightfully so,” he added, “because they don’t want the leaves to blow back into their yards or into the street.”

Exact times for leaf collections will vary depending on where residents are in the township. They can either rake the leaves or use a machine to collect them into a pile. Leaves should be kept at least a foot away from the curb to allow rainwater to flow more freely. They should also be free of any sticks, trash, rocks, brush and other debris that could potentially clog and/or damage the leaf vacuum machines.

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