Letter to the Editor: Anne Einhorn

Resident writes in support of the bond referendum.

Our Cherry Hill community is being asked to vote on the bond referendum in October to rehabilitate and repair our schools. The scope of work cannot be emphasized enough. HVAC, roofs, asbestos removal, plumbing and the list goes on and on. This is a no-frills bond! Nineteen schools that are mostly over 50 years old, need multiple repairs. We are never going to recover money from the state due to severe underfunding. We are never going to have a sponsor who will give or donate, the millions needed to rehabilitate our schools. What we do have, is the opportunity to have the state contribute 35 percent when the bond passes. 

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Our students and staff deserve safe, well ventilated secure buildings in order to prepare the next generations for the future. Residents in our community, teachers, principals, town council members, and the mayor, believe in the future of Cherry Hill. We believe that if we do not support this bond our home values will plummet. I represent senior citizens who have not had students in school for over 20 years.  I also live within a budget that is impacted by rising costs as much as everyone else, but our greatest asset lies within our home. In order to offset a tax increase, apply for the senior tax freeze and the current Anchor program.  

Everyone has a vested interest in having this bond pass. Everyone! If our schools fail, people will no longer come here, staff will start to leave, and your real estate will plummet. People move here for the schools not the mall.  

I believe in the future of Cherry Hill schools, and I urge everyone to vote yes for Cherry Hill Tomorrow. There will not be a tomorrow without passing this bond.  

Anne Einhorn

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