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Letter to the Editor: Kathy Zippilli

Resident writes in support of the Oct. 6 bond referendum for the Cherry Hill Public Schools.

Dear Editor,

As a resident who went through Cherry Hill schools in the 70’s, and as a parent whose grown children went through Cherry Hill schools, I am strongly in favor of the bond referendum!  Our children are our future and if the children of today are going to solve the problems of tomorrow, they deserve the best that we can offer them.

Additionally, I would strongly be in favor of a bond referendum to spruce up Cherry Hill’s streets, curbs and sidewalk trees!   Some neighborhoods are a complete mess with sidewalk trees destroyed by utility line trimming (butchering is what they really do).  They look absolutely ridiculous, especially once the leaves fall.  Sidewalks leave much to be desired and homeowners in many cases do not repair uplifted sections. We should take pride in our neighborhoods, remove the decimated trees and plant new curb trees.  We should invest in our streets and sidewalks to make our neighborhoods beautiful again!   

 We should have a 10-year plan that covers every street, sidewalk and curb tree in the township. Appropriate trees/shrubs should be chosen that will not interfere with power lines. Some neighborhoods have no curb trees due to disease.  This results in less shade for residents as well. 

Let’s make Cherry Hill the pride of Camden County both in our school facilities and our neighborhoods! 

Kathy Zippilli

Cherry Hill

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