High school’s Madrigals embark on a new season

A cappella group prepares for fall and winter events

Special to The Sun: “It provides amazing friendships, great learning experiences …” said senior student leader Catherine Cooper about the township high school’s Madrigals.

The Moorestown High School Madrigals – an a cappella group that performs concerts year-round – is ready to ramp up its fall and winter seasons.

“It’s an after-school club or choir that we take our time out (of) to do,” said senior student leader Sofia Giannetto. “It’s kind of like an honors class, except instead of having – we call it 14th period – instead of having that time to see teachers or do clubs, this is what we choose to spend our time doing, because we just all love being in Mads (Madrigals) so much.”

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Fellow student leaders Maria Torchia and Grace Liu shared why they joined the singing group.

“ … For my aunt’s 90th birthday party, we had the Mads come sing at my house, and I was little, so I remember it and I got to conduct them,” Torchia recalled. 

“I (thought), ‘I just wish I could bring people that happiness that I felt conducting and that I know my aunt felt listening.’”

“They would come around (to) our elementary school and up to our Upper Elementary School, and I just remember watching them,” Liu said of the Madrigals. “ … Freshman year, our school has a club fair and I saw the sign-up sheet and I was like, ‘You know what, why not?’”

The Madrigals will perform at holiday events starting next month.

“The big thing we want to emphasize is, you can hire us to sing whatever,” Torchia noted.

The Madrigals wear Renaissance costumes – headpieces, dresses and vests – for their performances.

“We always joke and say Magridals is like Renaissance Club, because (of) the costumes we always wear,” said another senior student leader, Catherine Cooper. “But they’re really fun to wear.”

“It kind of makes us who we are,” Torchia said. “When everyone says ‘Mads,’ they’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, those are the people that come and dress in costumes.’”

Cooper praised Caela Johnson, the high school’s new choral director.

“She’s provided a really good environment for everyone (and) a really nice learning environment,” Cooper said. “I know a lot of us have learned a lot from her.”

All grade levels can join the Madrigals.

“ … Each of us (has) an underclassmen that we help out if they have questions or anything, which is really nice,” Torchia said. “Before school started, we had a Mads pool party, so it’s very inclusive.”

“We like to make sure everyone feels included.”

“It’s great to be able to meet people that you wouldn’t necessarily meet beforehand not being in Madrigals, so getting to see your friends in the hallways from Madrigals … it’s awesome,” Cooper said.

Cooper encourages anyone interested to audition for the group.

“ … It was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made in high school,” she said of joining the Madrigals. “It provides amazing friendships, great learning experiences, and I would just say (to) live in the moment and take in everything.”

The Madrigals will perform during the Autumn in Moorestown festival on Oct. 8; their winter concert will be held on Dec. 1. Anyone interested in booking the a cappella group for an event can contact Caela Johnson at cjohnson@mtps.us.

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