‘Room for everyone’: Cub Scout Pack 45 seeks new members

Group’s emphasis is on teaching life skills for the future

The township’s Cub Scout Pack 45 is looking for a few good men – and girls.

The group is recruiting kids from kindergarten through fifth grade for what it describes as a year-round, family-centered program.

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“The Mantua family Scouting program offers a fun, hands-on learning and achievement-based program that puts kids in the middle of the action,” said member Katelin Maas. “We’re looking for children that want to launch rockets, enjoy campfires, learn from mother nature and (make) new friends. 

“We thrive in the outdoors and believe in playing in the dirt,” she added, “but we also have many boys and girls that play a sport or play an instrument. There is room for everyone.”

Along with its activities, the Cub Scout pack’s main goal is to teach kids important life skills for the future.

“Scouting activities emphasize character development, citizenship, and personal fitness, all while having fun with family and friends,” Maas explained. “We help prepare them for today – and for life.”

Outside of a recruiting event – a recent one took place at the Mantua Masonic Lodge on Sept. 17 – interested candidates can join the pack at any time. Meetings occur about twice a month at the Mantua Methodist Church, the Masons lodge or the community center. Pack 45 has been in the township since 1975, according to its website.

“Scouting is a whole year of family memories, wrapped up in once-in-a-lifetime adventures,” said Maas. “We have a packed calendar that you don’t want to miss. We can’t wait to meet your family.”

To inquire about an event or pack meeting, call (856) 350-5205 or email info@pack45mantua.org. Interested kids can attend any event offered by the pack to help them make a decision about joining. A membership costs $15.

Find more information about Cub Scout Pack 45 at its website or Facebook page, called Pack 45 Mantua.

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