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Letter to the Editor: Dawn Epstein

Resident voices support of the Cherry Hill Public Schools bond referendum.

Dear Editor,

The physical infrastructure of the schools in Cherry Hill is crumbling and needs updating immediately.  I urge my fellow residents to vote YES on Oct. 6 because if this bond fails, people will move. They will not be willing to wait any longer. The great staff and wonderful education will only make up for the failing physical structures for so long. People will say enough is enough and They. Will. Move.

To the people opposed to the bond because of the fair funding issue – I HEAR YOU. I am just as livid as you are that the state of New Jersey has failed the children in Cherry Hill. I have called our state legislators countless times. I’ve been to fair funding meetings. I’ve written letters and talked to my friends. This is a very real problem that needs to be addressed and we cannot stop the fight.

But the relationship between the bond and fair funding is not EITHER / OR. It’s AND / BOTH.

Cherry Hill needs its fair share of funding from the state. AND its buildings need critical repairs immediately.

It cannot wait. The state of New Jersey is not suddenly going to have hundreds of millions of dollars in budget surplus and decide to give all of it to Cherry Hill to make up for the lack of funding over the last few decades. The money we’ve lost out on is never coming back to us. It’s just not going to happen. We need to take action now.

We all have a vested interest in this bond passing because bottom line is if it fails people will move. People who love this town and support its community and care about its kids will leave. They will pick a better place.

Dawn Epstein
Cherry Hill


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