LEGO club enables kids’ creativity

Deptford library hosts group on Monday and Wednesday

For kids 6 to 12 who have creative imaginations, the township public library has its own LEGO Club that meets every Wednesday at 4 p.m., and now, for the first time this fall, Mondays at 7 p.m., too.

Kids come and use their imaginations and build whatever they want,” said reference librarian Michelle Burns. “They socialize with other kids, and they can display their creations in our display case if they want to, or if they are in the middle of a project and they want to pick it up next week.

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It is a good opportunity for kids to have fun and socialize.” she added of the sessions, which are each about an hour long. “It is a very unstructured environment. We just let them play. It’s also fun for the parents, who get to watch their child play and interact with other kids, and to socialize themselves with other parents.”

The LEGO Club has been going on for several years now at the library, though it was shut down for some time during COVID. Things picked again once restrictions were eased. 

The sessions involve free play and letting kids build anything they want. The club also requires no registration or signup.

Each session is hosted by Susann Kaback, the children’s librarian who organizes events for the library’s younger demographic, such as All Ages Story Time in the Park.

A child’s imagination is often a mysterious and powerful thing, and that has been showcased over the past with some wild LEGO creations, she said, especially given that LEGO’s appeal stems from the unlimited freedom it gives children.

“Kids create everything from tall towers and various buildings to SpongeBob and recently, a unicorn,” Burns noted. “It (the number of kids at sessions) varies. Some days it’s only a few, and some days it’s up to 15 kids.”

Keep up with library events on the facility’s website’s event page and Facebook page.

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