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After 30 years in same spot, county store gets larger digs

Facility will continue its easy access in the Voorhees Town Center


After 30 years in the same wing of the former Echelon Mall, the Camden County Store store has moved to a new and larger location inside the VoorheesTown Center.

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According to John Schmidt, of the county clerk’s office, the new space is about 1.5 times the size of the old one.


“It’s about 50 percent larger,” he said.


The popular and handy store offers residents direct access to the county for issues like wills and probate matters, trade name registration, passports, health screenings and numerous special events. It has also helped residents with easier access to public transportation and parking.


“Over the years, the expansion of the county store has provided residents with a shorter commute and easier access to the important services we provide,” County Clerk Joe Ripa said. “We are looking forward to continuing that commitment at our new location just 100 yards away in the same building.” 


The old store’s month-to-month lease will be replaced by one that extends to October 2028. A big reason for staying in Voorhees is that it is a central location for the entire county. While there is space to move to Camden City, officials prioritized convenience, especially parking. 


“The plan has always been that the county store is a governmental office located in a convenient spot to provide all sorts of county functions …” Schmidt said. “It’s more centrally located for the county, with ample parking. Doing anything [parking wise] in the urban area of Camden is tough.”


Deputy County Administrator Holly Cass is happy she will remain accessible to all county residents and provide them with the extensive services they need.


“We provide a myriad of services to residents outside of Camden City Hall,’’ she  noted. “All kinds of services are here, some services are in Blackwood, Lindenwold, so our county government is spread out, but [we’re able to] connect folks and provide our services.”


The new store will operate with the same hours, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday to Friday, and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Its phone number will still be (856) 566-2920. But the address has changed to 2220 Town Center.


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