Don’t trash all your trash

Residents can shred personal papers at township event

The township municipal building is the site for a paper shredding whose cost will be covered with a grant from the state. Courtesy of Ruggieri and Partners

To help Mantua and other Gloucester County residents who don’t want to throw compromising documents like bills and financial statements in the trash, the township will host a paper shredding event Saturday in the parking lot of the municipal building.

“People can bring their papers they don’t want to throw out,” said Mayor Pete Scirrotto.  “A company comes in with these large shredders. A lot of people like it, since it’s a pain to do it with the cheap ones at home.”

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A person from the company will be on standby near the truck shredder. Those who want to hand over anything to be destroyed will have to give their bag of items to them by walking over to them. 

After that, the workers will take care of the rest as the giver will be free to go.

The shredding is free, with the township covering expenses estimated at about $750, according to Scirrotto, paid for by a recycling and tonnage grant from the state. Individuals from outside Gloucester County are also welcome.

“We’re not checking anybody’s IDs,” said Scirrotto. “So anybody can come by.”

About 50 to 75 people are expected for the event, a number Scirrotto said is “different all the time”. Police will not be there to direct anybody unless things get real crazy.

Shredding will take place from 9 a.m. to noon. It is the second of two shredding events in Mantua; a previous one took place in June. Shredding events are also planned for next year, with dates to be determined.

For news and updates, visit the township’s website and Facebook page.

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