Police host township’s largest swearing-in ceremony

Local, county and state officials gather for historic session

Special to The Sun: Evesham Township’s largest swearing-in ceremony featured guest speakers who included Mayor Jaclyn Veasy, Burlington County Prosecutor LaChia Bradshaw and Congressman Andy Kim.

Evesham Township welcomed 23 recruits and officers to new positions at the largest swearing-in ceremony in the township’s history on Aug. 15 at Frances DeMasi Middle School. 

Sworn in were officers Ahmet Ekiz, Eric Salinas, Adrian Plocica, Ryan Bassett, Dylan Bonilla, Norman White and Joseph Arlotta III. Those with new positions in the department are Special Law Enforcement Officers (SLEO) Ramon Wright; Matthew Divito; Paulino Apistar; Gregory Gasparone; Matthew Luongo; Detectives Jared Halpern and Dylon Mahan; Deputy Chief Tom Reinholt; captains Carl Scutt and Jason Siltonen;  lieutenants Erin Gorman and Richard Dixon; and sergeants Timothy Schwartz, Patrick Hughes, Robert Hansbury and Kyle Cook.

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Congressman Andy Kim commended the officers at the ceremony for protecting the town.

“I just want to say thank you to our officers,” he said. “Thank you for stepping up to serve. Those who’ve been serving, thank you for what you’ve done. We appreciate that you’re doing everything you can to help keep our community safe.”

Kim noted his personal ties to Evesham before presenting the department with a flag that was flown over the U.S. Capitol in recognition of the officers. 

“This town is where I went to kindergarten, where my parents are retired, and I’m grateful that you’re protecting my family,” Kim added. “(For the officers’ service), I wanted to fly a flag over the United States Capitol in your honor and be able to present it to you all as a token of our nation’s appreciation for what you’re doing.”

Mayor Jaclyn Veasy explained that the ceremony was to welcome veteran officers into new positions and recruits into the department.

“(Tonight we’re swearing-in) 23 officers; a deputy chief all the way down to a SLEO 1,” she noted. “Each one of them cares for our community as much as I do, as much as our elected officials do and as much as you all do.

“We know that they give their heart and would every time they step out to serve our community,” Veasy added. “It’s not just the 23 officers (being sworn-in tonight). I see so many officers here tonight to celebrate their fellow police officers.”

Veasy cited officers’ families for supporting and encouraging officers while working long shifts and missing some holidays.

“(Officers) couldn’t do what they do and (the community) couldn’t rely on them without the support of their families,” the mayor said. “I just want to say thank you to all (the families). I know (officers) give a lot of their time and energy to our community and it probably takes them away from their families on special occasions, but we are extremely grateful.”

“On behalf of the township council, we’re honored to be here to celebrate these achievements, to welcome in our new members as part of our family and to continue working together to make Evesham the best community to live in.”

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