Fraud warning from Harrison Township police

The Harrison Township police department is warning people of fraud happening in the area on their Facebook page. They have seen a significant uptick in mail theft from the United States Postal Service collection box at the Mullica Hill Post Office located at 123 Bridgeton PA.  

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After stealing checks, the suspects change the payee information and increase the amounts by thousands of dollars. The suspects allegedly then deposit the checks into the recruited bank accounts whether in person or by mobile deposits and withdraw or attempt to withdraw the money. Victims have reported that they placed their checks in the USPS Blue Collection Box located outside the post office, but the checks never reached their intended recipients. 

To avoid being victimized, deposit outgoing mail into USPS blue collection boxes before the last collection, deposit them inside the post office or hand them directly to a mail carrier. Detectives are actively investigating these incidents in conjunction with the United States Postal Inspection Service.

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