Truck drives Deptford shred day

Township event helps people get rid of excess paper

Deptford Township will host its second shred day event of the year on Sept. 10 at the Deptford Community Center on Delsea Drive.

Shred day is a way for Deptford residents to rid themselves of documents they don’t want to throw away – such as bank statements or other documents containing sensitive information – that could compromise them in a number of different ways.

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“It’s a formal setup with a company bringing in a truck that specializes in shredding,” said Mayor Paul Medany, who will be at the event. “Public works and the town council will be there to help out.”

About 400 people are expected to take advantage of shredding unwanted documents into hundreds of tiny pieces. To keep things organized and running properly, the police will also be at the shred event to direct participants as they wait in traffic for their turns.

“They wait in line in their car,” Medany explained. “And they don’t even have to get out. Someone will come around to pick up their things and shred it for them.”

The shred day event is free and requires no registration. Any resident can participate as long as they have paper with information on it, and they do not want to fall into the wrong hands.

The shred events each year are usually held in the spring and fall, but Medany expects more participants next year. Dates for 2023 have yet to be determined.

Shred day takes place from 9 to 11 a.m. Find out about potential updates and cancellations on the township website or Facebook page.

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