Strawbridge Lake committee goes full steam ahead

Future projects include additional floating docks

Courtesy of Kathy Drachowski/The Sun: This year’s Moorestown paddle board/kayak race and family festival raised more than $16,000 to help fund installation of an additional floating dock.

The Strawbridge Lake Beautification Committee (SLBC) hosted its 4th annual Moorestown paddle board/kayak race and family festival at Strawbridge Lake this summer, bringing together family and friends.

According to co-founder Amy Gravenstine, this year’s fundraiser raised more than $16,000 to help fund installation of an additional floating dock.

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“It will be ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accessible,” Gravenstine said. “It will be another floating dock slightly different, because it will be capable of handling handicapped (people), being able to have them access the dock.”

According to, the first permanent floating dock was installed on March 3 on Haines Drive, by the parking lot closest to Kings Highway. The “L-shaped” dock extends 20 feet into the water and is manufactured by EZ Docks. Funds raised by the SLBC’s 2021 race and family festival financed the dock. 

According to Gravenstine, the second floating dock will be installed between Pleasant Valley Avenue and Kings Highway.

“It will be connected to a parking lot, and the township is pouring some concrete that would help start the gangway or the ramp that would lead to the dock,” she said. “So all of that’s being coordinated right now with the township and with EZ Docks … so that’s really exciting (and) that’s coming up very quickly.”

According to its website, the SLBC’s mission is to restore Strawbridge Lake to the beautiful town treasure it once was through community involvement and fundraising events. Originally started by a small group of Moorestown families, the SLBC became a nonprofit in 2018 and held its first Moorestown race and family festival that same year. 

“What was really wonderful this year is that we had professional timing, provided by TNT Event Management,” Gravenstine said. “So we’re going through a learning curve here, but we learned an awful lot and we were happy that we were able to provide timing for the participants (for) each of the races.”

“ … It was a great atmosphere, great energy and it was a successful event.”

The SLBC will complete a winter cleanup next year.

“… We contract with a local landscaper,” she explained. “ … What they do is they clean up the overgrown debris that is along the lake’s edge on Haines Drive, and that runs from Church Street all the way down to Kings Highway, so that entire length of the lake.”

“ … When they do this process and they clean everything up,” she added, “it gives a better view of the lake (and) it makes it more accessible for folks … That’s been our number-one goal with the nonprofit. Our first step in our actual plan is to make the lake more accessible.”

Future SLBC projects include boat storage and a rental space for water sport equipment. To make a donation, visit Potential volunteers can email

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