LEGOS for adults: Library hosts challenge at Brewery

Event to take place Sept. 15 at Mechanical Brewery

Teams and individuals can compete against each other at the Cherry Hill Public Library’s first adult LEGO challenge next month. (EMILY LIU/The Sun).

Though the Cherry Hill Public Library often hosts LEGO challenges for kids, it will host an adult version on Sept. 15 at the township’s Mechanical Brewery.

The event is modeled on Fox TV’s “LEGO Masters” and will feature multiple rounds of building challenges. Contestants will be judged by library and brewery staff, and unlike the TV show, the challenge will not have eliminations. 

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Library Director Laverne Mann said she chose the brewery as a location and partner to make the event more inviting.

“We decided to add the possibility of having a pint while in a more casual atmosphere,” she said. “ … Part of it is drawing a group of people who may not use the library for the typical things you use a library for, like borrowing books or materials or an educational program. 

“I hope to see a range of adult age groups, but for them to see us in a different light, too.”

The event is free and librarians ask that attendees not bring their own LEGOs to prevent one team from having an advantage over another. Drinks are not included.

“For the adult LEGO challenges, people can compete either individually or as a team,” Mann explained. “ We will provide challenges, we will provide the LEGOs,  and after each challenge, we will judge with librarians and staff of the Mechanical  Brewery, award a prize and go on to the next challenge.”

Prizes include gift cards for the brewery. Library Marketing and Public Relations Coordinator Suzanne Fox explained that the event is a great opportunity for adults who enjoyed playing with LEGOs as kids, and those interested in trying them.

“It’s a cool twist on an idea to have (a challenge) for adults because LEGOs really seem to have boomed in popularity again,” Fox noted. “ … I think it’s important that adults realize you can have fun and find a renewed interest in something that you used to do.”

The library regularly hosts events and programs for adults that include trivia night, book clubs and music programs.

“For anyone who has that stereotype that libraries are quiet institutions, this does show that we offer fun programming,” Mann said. “I think most of our programs tend to be enlightening and educational and also fun, but this one is geared towards being fun and inspiring and promoting creativity.”

The LEGO challenge is open to adults 21 and older. The brewery is located at 5 Perina Blvd. in the township. To register, visit

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