Police teach initial first aid and CPR training class

Training is open to township residents of any age

Palmyra Police Department will teach a first aid and CPR training class open only to residents on Thursday at the township ambulance building on W. Broad Street.

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Vitality Sight Emergency Preparedness Consultants will provide the one-day training, sponsored by township police. It’s the first year the class has been held in Palmyra. 

Officer Omar Kendall said the idea came during an emergency call to police.

“There was a day where patrol officers had to help a resident … who was in cardiac arrest,” he said. “Because the police performed CPR on him, we could keep him alive until the paramedics came.” 

The man’s family expressed its gratitude to police by donating money to the township for the first aid class. The resident himself will attend the training as a guest.

“This is the first year we’re doing the class, and it’s a basic class where people receive a first aid and CPR training card,” explained Kendall. “We’re planning another class where people can get certified based on the participation of this first class.

“Residents will learn basic life-saving techniques,” he added. “It’s important to know while eating dinner to avoid choking, and for people who have pools and kids.” 

Kendall, who put the training class together,  also wants residents to learn how to use basic CPR measures.

“If you have a pool in your backyard, things can happen,” he advised. “It’s good to know CPR instead of waiting for the paramedics to arrive.” 

Kendall believes that after taking the class, people will be more alert in certain situations so they can perform CPR as soon as possible. The class is accepting 20 residents, with 10 spots filled so far. It is open to residents of all ages.

“We are hoping it turns into a yearly thing,” Kendall noted. “We want to keep it basic for now and see what happens.” 

The class will be taught from 6 to 8 p.m. Call (856) 829-0198 to book a spot and visit www.palmyrapd.org for more information. Food and drinks will be available.


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